Architectural Masterpiece 'Villa Santorini is now Available in Agoura Hills, California

A stunning mansion that was ​inspired by the Mediterranean architecture of Greece has landed on the real estate market in sunny California. Mike Gardner

Nestled in the sun-soaked region of Agoura Hills, a breathtaking mansion named Villa Santorini has graced the real estate market. Crafted with an unwavering admiration for the Mediterranean allure of Greece, this architectural gem has been brought to life by its owners, Yelena and Vitaly Urusov.

Captivated by the charm of Greece during their travels, the couple embarked on creating a splendid estate boasting three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The enchanting Villa Santorini is now available for purchase at a listing price of $3.3 million, presented by Lynette Bishop and Dallas Bishop of Compass.

Lynette Bishop eloquently describes the essence of Villa Santorini: "Distinctive architecture; design inspired by a romantic Greek villa. Stunning lake and mountain views; open-air designed living room to capture views and cool breezes." Amid a real estate market that may be moving at a more measured pace, properties like Villa Santorini, graced with architectural elegance and an optimal location, consistently stand in high demand.

Yelena Urusov, a former Ukrainian gymnast, and her husband Vitaly embarked on this architectural endeavour after their admiration for Greece was kindled during their travels. Yelena's accomplished history includes her role as head coach for Monarchs Gymnastics, renowned for nurturing young gymnasts who later soared to higher competitive levels. The Urusovs, proprietors of Monarchs Gymnastics, subsequently established a second location in Newbury Park. Their storied journey culminated in the sale of Monarchs in 2022, marking a significant chapter of their lives.

The exceptional features of Villa Santorini are a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship invested in its creation. From European windows that usher in natural light to the warm embrace of wood floors, every detail contributes to the ambience. Handmade roof tiles and antique Italian Murano glass lantern lamps add an air of authenticity. The home even boasts a "Prohibition-era wine cellar" that speaks of bygone eras and refined taste. Lake access and panoramic views further enhance the allure of the property.

Transporting inhabitants to the romantic ambience of the 1920s, Villa Santorini underwent a meticulous reconstruction in 2017. Beyond the residence, residents enjoy access to an opulent clubhouse, setting the stage for an elegant and leisurely lifestyle. This hub becomes a haven for social interactions, entertainment, and recreational pursuits.

Agoura Hills, positioned approximately 35 miles northwest of Los Angeles, is the serene canvas upon which Villa Santorini has been masterfully painted. This harmonious blend of Grecian aesthetics and Californian charm forms a unique offering in luxury real estate.

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