Netflix Top 10: Yannis Smaragdis' Kazantzakis joins El Greco

Yannis Smaragdis' Kazantzakis Netflix

After the movie "El Greco", the multi-awarded film "Kazantzakis" by the same director, Yannis Smaragdis, enters the top 10 of Netflix, specifically in third place.

This distinction is essential to the director because while the audience loved it when it was shown in theatres, it received many negative attacks and extremely derogatory comments in Greece.

The public is again coming to reward Netflix for streaming the two classics by Yannis Smaragdis.

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Contrary to any disparaging comments of the past, viewings these days on Netflix have come to validate the artistic value of these films.

The streaming service was fully justified in its choice, confirming that the only and decisive judge of a work of art is time, which deifies helpful and comforting works to human souls or condemns meaningless or lifeless jobs.

This is confirmation that the platform uses high criteria for Greek artistic films is that it chose to show the excellent film "Happiness" by Angelos Franzis, which also entered the top 10 and will be followed by the splendid "Little England" by Pantelis Voulgaris.

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