Fire in Alexandroupoli: Satellite reveals the size of the fiery nightmare - See photos


The images from an American satellite reveal the huge cloud of smoke covering the ​​Alexandroupoli and the Evros Regional Unit. At the same time, the titanic effort to put out the fire continues today for the fifth day.

This scale of destruction is revealed by the images transmitted by the Reuters agency from the satellite of the Maxar Institute of the USA, which specialises in the observation of the earth by satellites, among other services.

Look at the photos:

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Fire in Alexandroupolis: Five active fronts

Weaker but always regulators of the intensity, course and speed of spread of the fire today's winds in Evros are expected to determine for another day, according to the forestry services, the degree of difficulty and the effectiveness of extinguishing operations on the remaining fronts of the prefecture.

According to the latest update from the representative of the Fire Department, Yiannis Artophios, shortly after 10:00, the Alexandroupolis fire is being actively dealt with in the areas of Petrota, Perama and Mesimvria and in the one that occurred in the forest of Dadia in the regions of Nipsa and Aisymi.

They operate strong ground forces, which 56 firefighters assist with ten vehicles from Romania, and for aerial firefighting, five aircraft have been allocated, two of which are from Cyprus, and eight helicopters, one of which is for their coordination.

Following the course of the front that is still burning in Dadia for the third day, the forest services of the prefecture, in connection with the northeast winds that blow in the area, driving the fiery threat to the southwest and as soon as it meets a gully creating fronts with a geometric progression, they estimate that if until the fire of Dadia, which is further north, ends, southern Evros will not calm down, as they typically say in AMNA.

They cite as an illustrative example the settlement of Melia, where - while the fire that broke out there the previous Saturday has been extinguished - it is threatened again by the fire that descends from Dadia and has already approached it.

Also, the settlements of 'Avanda, Nipsa and Dorikos were threatened in the previous days by both the fire of Melia and Dadia, with the latter threatening again 'Avanda if it moves southwest due to the northeast winds.

Today's ground forces are 220 firefighters with 59 vehicles, 11 infantry teams, two firefighting aircraft and five firefighting helicopters.

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