The Greek "Adults Only" version of "Barbie" has exceeded 11 million views!

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The Greek version of Barbie, signed by the Inna Innaki and Teos production company SugarbabesTV, has gone viral.

The film starring Christy White (in the role of Barbie) and Sakis Dermatis (in the part of Ken) has managed to be discussed a lot inside and outside Greece's borders.

At the same time, it is now very likely to give Greece its first Romantic Film Oscar at the AVN Awards, which will be held in Las Vegas, USA, on January 24-27.

The characteristic of the incredible success is the fact that the film has exceeded 11 million views on the SugarbabesTV website. As Teo jokingly told Gazzetta, "It has even surpassed the success of normal Barbie in Greece. It's incredible what's happening."

Of course, such a production could still attract the interest of the Americans. Thus, for a few days, the Greek Barbie "plays" as a central theme in the digital version of the American magazine AVN, based in Los Angeles.

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Inna Innaki also gave a revealing interview with her colleague Dan Miller, editorial director of AVN, where, among other things, she talked to him about the idea behind the film.

“It seemed like a good opportunity since the hype around the original movie was massive, but the idea was two years old!” Innaki tells AVN. “A Barbie scene is something Christy White wanted to do since she started working with us. We just needed to cast the right Ken for the role!”

"Christy White and Sakis Dermatis were the best fit for this film because they both look like real-life Barbie and Ken dolls," the producer and performer continued.

“Christy White and Sakis Dermatis were the obvious candidates within the SugarBabes team because they look like real-life Barbie & Ken dolls,” Inna says. “Apart from that, we invested a lot of resources in this project and we knew they were our safe bet. We knew they would deliver as they always do!”

SugarBabes shot the movie through Ken’s POV, beginning the feature with a voice-over in which Ken admits he fell for Barbie the first moment he saw her.

“He then proceeds to get ready to hit the beach with the other Kens because he heard the Barbie squad would be there and he wanted to make his move,” Inna says. “Little did he know that… let’s say Barbie had other plans…”

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For their part, the producers of Sugarbabes guided the actors with their experience and artistic instructions to produce the best possible result.

Production costs were relatively high by Greek standards, with filming occurring in various parts of Athens. The film is long and in contrast to the equivalent foreign productions.

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Innaki launched SugarBabes with her longtime partner Teo Sirina in 2017 in Greece. She tells AVN that every year SugarBabes continues to grow.

“Our projects are leveling up rapidly and we are gaining more and more recognition outside of Greece as well!” Innaki says. “There’s a lot to come… The Barbie project is not a one-off! It’s going to be a series!

“We’ve already filmed more Barbie scenes. Let’s just say that at some point Barbie wants Ken to meet her mom. Let’s leave the rest to the fans imagination!”

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