Precious Items, Including Jewelry and Ancient Coins, Discovered Missing from British Museum

Items from the British Museum collection with a similar description to those missing include a ring with a blue diamond and a 19th-century Mughal pyramidal emerald

The British Museum has recently discovered the loss of valuable treasures from its collections, including silver necklaces, ancient coins, ceramic fragments, and various artifacts, as reported by The Times. These items were allegedly stolen over a period of more than 20 years by an individual believed to be a "kleptomaniac."

Among the missing artifacts are over 500 ceramic fragments, wooden opium poppy scorers in the shapes of birds and frogs, as well as green and blue glazed leaf pendants and beads.

This revelation emerges at a time when the British Museum is facing one of its most significant scandals due to the alleged theft and potential destruction of numerous valuable items. The suspected thief reportedly exploited the museum's lack of proper cataloguing of its holdings, using this vulnerability to pilfer items from its vaults.

A significant portion of the missing items had not been put on public display and were instead earmarked for research purposes within the museum. The investigation into the matter is ongoing.

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