British Teen Allegedly Raped by Italian Tourist on Greek Island: Manhunt Launched for Suspect


An Italian tourist, reportedly a 16-year-old boy, has been accused of raping a 15-year-old British girl on the Greek island of Halki. The incident occurred in the Pondamos area early in the morning on Wednesday. The girl and her mother visited a doctor later that day, who then alerted the police. Despite identifying the suspect through social media searches, he had already departed the island before authorities could apprehend him. The suspect, along with his family, boarded a ferry to Kamiros Skala and then caught a flight from the state airport in Rhodes.
The police have launched a manhunt for the Italian teenager and are conducting a preliminary investigation on Halki. This incident adds to a growing number of reported sexual assaults on British teenage girls during their summer holidays, with twelve women now coming forward.

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