Blue Horizon: Port Drowning and Head Injuries Revealed in the Forensic Report for Antonis Karyotis

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The findings of the forensic examinations of the deceased Antonis Karyotis, 36, who drowned in Piraeus after criminal acts by members of the Blue Star Ferries Blue Horizon crew, are shocking.

At the time when the ship's captain and the three employees are being charged with manslaughter, the results of the autopsy reveal that Antonis' cause of death was drowning. However, the victim also suffered head injuries, which led him to lose consciousness and ultimately drown in the port of Piraeus.

It has not yet been clarified whether these injuries were caused by the criminal and unjustified assault suffered by Antonis from the Blue Horizon crew or during his fall from the ship. The forensic findings are expected to be sent to the judicial authorities, while examinations on the body of the unfortunate man continue.


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