Press sampled "S'agapo" by George Dalaras and made an AWESOME rap track (VIDEO)

Press, George Dalaras

In a delightful fusion of musical cultures, a TikToker proved the global reach of rap music by incorporating a famous Greek melody into a rap song, specifically " S'agapo" by the iconic Greek artists George Dalaras and Anna Vissi.


You gotta sample music from Greece. I’m telling you 🇬🇷🇬🇷!! #raptok #producertok #greecetiktok #greece🇬🇷 #greece #beatmaker #indierapper #jcoletok #kolo24

♬ original sound - Kolo

The song " S'agapo " is a classic song in the history of Greek music, known for its beautiful melody and sincere lyrics. It's a romantic ballad that has resonated with audiences for decades.

By incorporating this iconic Greek tune into a rap composition, TikTok not only pays homage to the song but also proves the universality of music's emotional power.

Music has a remarkable ability to transcend borders and languages, bringing people together through shared feelings and experiences. In this TikToker experiment, the fusion of Greek melodies and rap lyrics highlights the endless possibilities of creativity and collaboration in the world of music.

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