Storm Daniel aftermath: Which food products are becoming more expensive in Greece?

storm daniel

The catastrophic floods in the Thessalian Plain in the aftermath of Storm Daniel bring a serious risk of shortages and price increases in the market.

According to the "Ta Nea" newspaper, the first gaps in the supply of the market have already been seen with shortages in products such as a leading dairy company based in Trikala, whose facilities received, due to bad weather, large volumes of water, resulting in problems in its production.

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Other companies are also facing similar problems, including a natural mineral water company based in Karditsa, a cheese company in Magnesia, winemaking units, and fruit and vegetable processing units. This will result in problems for some time.

According to data from the Greek Statistical Authority, the Region of Thessaly supplied domestic consumption with 43.5% of apples, 63% of pears, 34% of durum wheat for pasta production, 18.3% of beef, 10% of the country's domestic production of cow's milk, 22% of sheep's milk and 16.49% of goat's milk.

Now, this demand will have to be met even from abroad.

The Ministry of Development hastened from the first to proceed with an extension of the ceiling on the profit margin of basic and other items such as food, however this action cannot reverse the increases that may occur as the shortages in raw materials will need to be covered with whatever cost.

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