Greek-American mayor slammed for being spanked at Democratic charity event

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UPDATE: The original headline incorrectly said "in front of children".

There has been outrage on the internet over a video that has gone viral with the Greek-American mayor of Burbank in California and a drag queen, especially after he was caught out about the event's age restriction.

Konstantine Anthony has found himself in an extremely difficult position as he was filmed leaning over a table laughing while being spanked on the backside by drag performer Foxxy Roxywood during a Democratic charity event, which he said was a 21+ only event.

The intense reactions started because the mayor was accused of performing the act in front of children.

He says that no children were present and that those who accused him are “lying”. However, it was pointed out that the event advertisement says it was 15+, raising the possibility of teenagers being at the event.

The video has been viewed more than 8 million times by Wednesday after, after it was posted on social media.

The drag queen who performed posted about the event on Instagram and noted that it was open for ages 15+ but also said it’s “not suitable for children.”

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The Libs of TikTok highlighted that "when called out on the original video by commenters, Mayor Konstantine Anthony commented, 'Jealous??'."

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