Emily in Paris: Lakis Gavalas will star in Season 4 of the Netflix series!

Lakis Gavalas, Emily in Paris

Lakis Gavalas will appear in the series "Emily in Paris" in a guest role. The Greek designer makes his series debut in the successful Netflix project for the fourth season.

According to a report from the show "Pame Danai!", Gavalas will play an eccentric stylist in the series starring Lily Collins.

Filming has yet to occur due to the Hollywood actors' strike.

The same report mentioned that Lakis Gavalas had accepted an offer from Acun Ilıcalı to participate in " I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!" but he rejected her.

Emily in Paris Season 4 is poised to introduce a brand-new adventure for Lily Collins' titular character after a surprising Season 3 finale. The much-talked-about Netflix series revolves around Emily Cooper's journey in Paris as she works as a marketing executive for a French firm.

The show made its debut onon October 2, 2020. In November, the streaming service renewed the series for a second season, which later premiered on December 22, 2021.

After Season 2's success, the show was renewed for a third and fourth season in January 2022.

Netflix has yet to announce season 4's release date, which is unsurprising due to the ongoing issues in the entertainment industry.

In September 2022, it was revealed that Emily in Paris Seasons 3 and 4 were filmed back to back in Paris. However, newer updates indicated that there is still more work needed for Season 4.

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, who plays Emily's French boss, told Variety during the red carpet of Kering's Women in Motion gala dinner that plans for Season 4 were put on hold:

“A little bit. We’re waiting for it to be resolved. We’ll see how it settles!”

In June 2023, Variety shared that filming for Season 4 has been delayed due to the current writers' and actors' strikes by the Writers Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild.

It was revealed that the show was supposed to start production in late summer or early fall in Paris this year, but filming was pushed back by two months.

Despite that, Variety's source noted that the reported plan is for cameras to roll by the end of fall.

If the planned timeline ends up happening, then filming could last for three to four months. For reference, Season 2 began filming in May 2021 and wrapped in July 2021.

That said, Emily in Paris Season 4 could follow in Seasons 2 and 3's footsteps by being released in December 2024.

Emily in Paris is expected to bring back all major cast members in Season 4.

Emily in Paris is expected to bring back all major cast members in Season 4.

Here's a list of every actor and their respective character returning for the upcoming season:

  • Lily Collins - Emily
  • Lucas Bravo - Gabriel
  • Ashley Park - Mindy
  • Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu - Sylvie
  • Camille Razat - Camille
  • Samuel Arnold - Julien
  • Bruno Gouery - Luc
  • Lucien Laviscount - Alfie
  • Kate Walsh - Madeline
  • Jean-Christophe Bouvet - Pierre Cadault
  • Melia Kreiling - Sofia Sideris

Emily in Paris Season 3 ended with a bunch of revelations and cliffhangers that Season 4 needs to address.

Speaking with TV Guide in December 2022, Star made a compelling summary of what Season 4 will be about, with the upcoming batch of episodes dealing with "complicated" personal and work relationships:

“Season 4 is going to be more about navigating complicated relationships; personal relationships and work relationships, and how they come into conflict with each other… Emily is still going to be working with Alfie, Gabriel, and Camille. Those work relationships are really fraught with emotional conflicts.”

Aside from Camille's pregnancy, the aftermath of her and Gabriel's failed wedding is expected to be the focus of the early episodes considering that it featured the breakups of both of them and Emily and Alfie.

See the announcement:

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