When will the Fiat Topolino come to Greece?

Fiat Topolino

The wacky city vehicle that has a moped license will be able to be ridden by 16-year-olds… the Fiat Topolino.

City vehicles, or otherwise micromobility, have slowly started to enter our lives, while more and more are appearing in number and models.

Fiat Topolino

One of the vehicles we expect to come to Greece in the coming months is the Fiat Topolino.

It is a vehicle based on the well-known Citroen Ami, as it uses the same chassis and elements we already know from the French small car. In terms of design, however, the Italian model leaves its mark externally and internally.

With a length of 2.53 metres, it can move covering distances of 75 kilometres with a maximum top speed of 45 km/h. With these features and the moped license it needs to circulate it can be ridden by young people aged 16.

Fiat Topolino

Spring of 2024

The Fiat Topolino is manufactured in Morocco and is expected to arrive in Greece according to information we have from the importing company, towards the Spring of 2024.

In terms of pricing, it is estimated that it will be close to the prices of the Ami, that is, with the benefit of the government subsidy, it will be available for 7,000 euros.

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