Biftekia or Keftedes - What do Greeks prefer?

keftedes or biftekia

Which Greek meatballs reign supreme - biftekia or keftedes? Viber asked Greeks this question, and the answer might surprise you...

From the start of the contest, keftedes seemed to garner the most significant percentage of responses and eventually won with 61%. 39% of people voted for Biftekia.

Whatever you voted for, they're both fantastic!



They are not only loved by children but also by adults, as our gallop showed. Ask your butcher to run the mince through the machine twice for fluffy, lump-free results. Minced meat can be beef, pork or mixed, lamb or chicken, or fish.

And since there are vegetarian and vegan options, we can find chickpea meatballs, tomato meatballs, broccoli meatballs and others. For a healthier version, we can bake them in the oven instead of frying them.



On the other hand, biftekia have fans since they are easier to prepare than meatballs and are baked in the oven instead of fried; they are healthier and suitable for a slimming diet.

These are made from all kinds of minced meat: beef, pork, mixed or chicken, turkey, and alternative types with vegetables, beans and other vegetarian ingredients.

When will you know they are cooked? If you have a thermometer, they are ready when they reach a temperature of 75°C.

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