Pierce Brosnan ate Greek cuisine in Samos - His favourite dish was dolmades

Pierce Brosnan dolmades

Pierce Brosnan went from Kavala to Patmos, Leipsos and Samos, who, in addition to the sea and landscapes of Greece, also tried the traditional cuisine.

On Thursday, September 14, the Hollywood actor visited a tavern in Samos with his wife and their friend, where, according to Samos Voice, they tried, among other things, fillet steak, shrimp and tarama.

They accompanied their food with Greek beers, and according to the same report, they enjoyed their meal.

However, there was one dish that they liked the most, especially the James Bond actor. This was none other than the traditional dolmades, which he "went crazy" for, as tavern employees reported.

He didn't hesitate to be photographed with the restaurant's workers.

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The Hollywood star visited the Greek islands after visiting Kavala, specifically Lesvos, Ios, Patmos and Leipsoi. He was with, of course, his beloved wife but also their good friends.

However, it seems their vacation has ended, and the actor hastened to thank the Greeks for the love they showed him with a post on social media.

He mentioned that he is going to revisit the country. In particular, Pierce Brosnan made the post on his account on Instagram, publishing a photo of himself in a cafe.

In the caption, he wrote: “Once more — the magic of the Greek islands and her people have captured my heart. Thank you all for your gracious welcome."

He said, "Until next time…antio sas," Greek for goodbye.

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