Evia flooded by Elias storm - 112 warning in Mantoudi - Watch the video


Evia has been smashed with rain since Wednesday morning since the formation of the intense weather phenomena caused by the "Elias" storm. Shortly after 10 am, a message was sent from 112 for those in Mantoudi and warned of dangerous weather phenomena and risk of overflowing rivers.

According to fire department official Vassilis Vathrakoyiannis, the service has received 160 calls in Evia, Peloponnese and Attica.

At the same time, according to him, the biggest problem in the road network is due to overflowing rivers in North Evia. Especially for Evia, he clarified that 50 calls had been made - 20 for tree removal, 10 for cutting trees and five for moving people to safe places in Pefki, Rovies and Mantoudi.

Watch videos of the overflowing Nileas River:

"The water has reached one met\re in the village," declared the mayor of Mantoudi earlier.

"The water that has fallen since 3 in the morning has never happened again. We've been through Storm Daniel and other storms, and it's never been 150mm in a few hours before. And Kireas is ready to overflow. We call on all citizens not to move unnecessarily; there is a danger from the transported materials that come down the mountains. We have told those near rivers to go to other areas. It's like a flood," he added, speaking to ERT.

According to local media, the road from south to north Evia has been cut in two due to a landslide in the village of Derveni. Forces of the Civil Protection move immediately to the spot as citizens are trapped in the town.

Serious problems shortly after 11:30 were also recorded in Pefki in Northern Evia as torrents overflowed, passed through the settlement and trapped several people.

Firefighters are trying to evacuate people and take them to safe places; dozens of houses have been flooded, and trees have fallen from the strong winds. It is also noted that the meteorological station in Istiaia has recorded a rainfall of 155 cubic metres per acre.

"The situation is shocking again in Rovies; the river that passes through the village swelled, and everything has been flooded. There is a big problem in the village," said a resident from Rovies to Evima.

Indicative is the fact that the meteorological station in Vateri Evia recorded 198 millimetres of rain until 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

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