Larissa man has lost his drivers license for a total of 15 years

police larissa

A 41-year-old man from Larissa was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol by police officers of the Larissa Traffic Department.

According to the Eleftheria newspaper, the police investigation revealed that the man had been arrested for similar offences in the past and had already lost his driver's license twice, for five years each time.

The percentage of alcohol found in the 41-year-old's body after the second measurement in the breathalyser was quite high, as a result of which he was arrested. At the same time, he was ordered to revoke his driver's license for an additional five years.

Note that according to article 42 of the Road Traffic Code, the permissible limit of alcohol is set at 0.5 grams per litre of blood, in the case of measurement by the blood sampling method, or 0.25 milligrams per litre of exhaled air in the breathalyser.

The prescribed penalties start from 200 euros and can reach imprisonment and a fine of up to 2,000 euros.

  • 200 euros Immobilisation of the vehicle Penalty Points: 5.
  • 700 euros Immobilisation of the vehicle Removal of driver's license for 90 days...
  • 1,200 euros Imprisonment for two months Withdrawal of driver's license and vehicle registration plates for six months
  • 2,000 euros Imprisonment for six months

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