More than 700 security cameras are coming to Athens - Weapons licenses is being tightened

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Greek police intend to install more than 700 cameras in Athens and the wider Attica region to deal with crime and traffic, with this plan being one of the priorities of the Ministry of Citizen Protection.

According to Proto Thema, at the headquarters of the police, an investigation is carried out focusing on areas with high crime rates to strengthen policing.

As explained by ministry sources, through this process, the operations centre, both in the General Police Directorate of Attica and in the Headquarters of Katehaki, will be upgraded as they receive videos from the cameras.

At the moment, only 18 security cameras of the Greek police are operating in Attica. In contrast, the cameras of the Attica Region used for traffic is about 150.

The framework for weapons licenses is stricter

At the same time, the ministry's priority is tightening the framework for weapons licenses.

There are currently more than one million shotguns and around 4,500 sniper rifles in circulation in Greece, while the incidents associated with them (such as homicides) are constantly increasing, as a result of which an alarm has been raised.

According to sources, in the new legislative framework, a database will be provided in which information about the weapons will be recorded.

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