Baloch National Movement organises exhibition outside UN to showcase human rights violations in Pakistan's Balochistan

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The Baloch National Movement organised a three-day long exhibition showcasing about the history and violations of human rights in Balochistan province of Pakistan.

The exhibition is being held during the ongoing 54th Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The organisers have put pictures of the victims who were allegedly kidnapped, tortured and killed by Pakistan security agencies.

Jamal Baloch, Media Coordinator, Human Rights wing of Baloch National Movement said, “We have tried to highlight the ongoing human rights violations in Balochistan. The region is facing systematic and silent genocide which includes enforced disappearances, mass graves and shelling through helicopters”.

He added, “There are others issues also like poverty, hunger and lack of drinking water which we have highlighted in this exhibition. We just want to make people aware about the happenings in Balochistan”.

Dr. Naseem Baloch, Chairman of Baloch National Movement told ANI, “We have highlighted the atrocities being carried out by the Pakistan Army in Balochistan. We have displayed the pictures of those forcibly abducted and killed by the Pakistan Army including our party’s founding Chairman Ghulam Mohammad Baloch”.

He added, “We have also displayed about the history of Balochistan and how Pakistan Army targeted killed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti in a bombing. As the UN Human Rights Session is ongoing we want to highlight our issues to the visitors”.

Niaz Baloch, Member of BNM foreign affairs committee said, “The kind of atrocities the Baloch have been facing are not been covered by international media due to having no access to them. International NGOs are also not allowed inside Balochistan. So, through this exhibition we would like to reach out to the international community. There are posters which showcases a lot about the things happening in Balochistan”.

A large number of Baloch people have migrated to Europe and other countries due to threats and atrocities by the Pakistan Army.

They are now raising their voice at the UN and various other international forums to get justice.

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