UK: World Sindhi Congress protest against Pak atrocities outside PM residence 

5 9

The World Sindhi Congress (WSC) expressed solidarity with the ongoing struggle against the Marhi Jalbani Massacre in Sindh, Pakistan by holding a protest on October 1 opposite 10 Downing Street, the residence of the UK Prime Minister.

A large number of Sindhi, Baloch, and other human rights advocates from across the UK joined the protest.

On September 28, Pakistan Rangers and the Police fired indiscriminately at innocent villagers in Marhi Jalbani, Sakrand, Sindh, resulting in many casualties. The participants chanted slogans condemning the Marhi Jalbani massacre.

The speakers emphasized that Pakistan operates as a security state devoid of a functional parliament, judiciary, or governance. They further stated that the state of Pakistan employs fascist tactics against the Sindhi and Baloch populations, culminating in acts of genocide.

The participants urged the international community to take serious notice and exert pressure on Pakistan to halt these crimes against humanity.

They called upon the entire Sindhi nation to rise, unite, and mount a sustained resistance against these assaults, as it represents the sole path to the survival of the Sindhi nation.


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