Actor Kevin Spacey rushed to hospital fearing ‘heart attack’: report

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Kevin Spacey was said to have been hurried to the hospital when he experienced numbness in his left arm during the 15th Tashkent International Film Festival in Uzbekistan.

It is reported that the 64-year-old actor, who has won two Oscars, subsequently had an MRI scan, as per The Sun.

During his visit to the Afrasiyab Museum in the historic Silk Road town of Samarkand, Kevin Spacey experienced a health issue. He described feeling a momentary numbness in his entire left arm that lasted for approximately eight seconds.

Following this alarming incident, “Elvis & Nixon” actor was promptly transported to the Innova Diagnostic Clinic in Samarkand, where he underwent a thorough medical evaluation, including an MRI scan. Concerns initially arose that Spacey might have suffered a heart attack, but medical professionals eventually provided assurance by giving him an all-clear.

“Mr Spacey was taken to a medical centre over health concerns,” a source close to the actor said according to The Sun. “He was treated professionally by doctors and staff and found to have no problem with his heart.”

Later in the evening, Spacey made a return to the 15th Tashkent International Film Festival in Uzbekistan and seemed to be in high spirits, the NY Post reported.

Speaking to the audience about the earlier alarming incident, the House of Cards actor assured everyone that his health was back to normal.

“It made me really take a moment and think about how fragile life is,” Spacey said. “For all of us.”

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