Signing of the Contract for the Operation and Maintenance of Thessaloniki Metro

thessaloniki metro

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Wednesday attended the signing of the operation and maintenance contract for the Thessaloniki metro, which he described as an “important final step” towards getting the long-delayed transport project delivered to the people of the northern port city within 2024.

"We are entering the final stretch for the completion of one of the most important projects in our homeland, the operation of the Thessaloniki Metro," said Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Christos Staikouras during the signing ceremony of the Contract for the operation and maintenance of the Thessaloniki Metro, which took place today at the construction site of the "Agia Sophia" station, between the Management of "Hellenic Metro S.A." and the consortium "THEMA S.A.", in the presence of the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Also present at the event were Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport responsible for Transport, Christina Alexopoulou, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport responsible for Infrastructure, Nikos Tachiaos, General Secretary of Transport, Giannis Xifaras, and General Secretary of Infrastructure, Kostas Magoulas.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport emphasized that the project is being implemented based on the efforts made by the previous political leadership of the Ministry, in cooperation with the Management of "Hellenic Metro S.A."

"The Thessaloniki Metro is tangible proof that the New Democracy Government, under the guidance of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, guarantees that the state has continuity and consistency. It plans, initiates, and delivers to the citizens projects of strategic importance that improve their daily lives and upgrade the level of infrastructure in transport services," said Mr. Staikouras.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport outlined the obligations of the Contractor, as derived from the agreement, emphasizing that the Public-Private Partnership solution has been advanced and the best international practices have been adopted in order for the operation and maintenance of the network to be carried out in the most smooth and efficient manner, ensuring high-quality services to the passenger public.

"Thessaloniki, in 2024, will acquire the most modern Metro in Europe, with integrated innovative systems and the most demanding quality, functionality, and safety specifications," said Mr. Staikouras.

In conclusion, he emphasized that Thessaloniki is acquiring a new means of transportation that will provide fast, comfortable, safe, affordable, and "green" journeys for all citizens, while at the same time highlighting its history and gaining an important development pillar that upgrades its geopolitical role as a dynamic and outward-looking metropolis, not only of Northern Greece but also of the wider Balkans.

The prime minister was also given a tour of the archaeological site that lies beneath the Agia Sofia station, where the signing ceremony took place. Apart from Agia Sofia, the Venizelos Street station also yielded significant antiquities during excavations for the metro.

photograph: Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport

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