Greece signs EU's joint declaration on women's sexual and reproductive health rights

women's rights greece

Greece signed the joint Declaration for the Guarantee of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights at the European Union in Zaragoza on Thursday.

Deputy Social Cohesion and Family Minister Maria-Alexandra Kefala signed on behalf of Greece in the Spanish city. The event occurred in the framework of Spain's presidency of the Council of the European Union, and 14 EU member states signed it.

Greece's commitment to the declaration "relates in essence to safeguarding the irrevocable right to health of women and girls (...), so that they may able to take themselves properly informed and responsible decisions for their life and their body," Kefala said.

Neglecting the right to reproductive and sexual health "comprises an undermining of equality and the opportunity of an equal access to health, which is a fundamental human right," she added.

The declaration calls on all EU member states to provide universal access to scientifically sound facts and training on sexual education; comprehensive, quality, and affordable services, especially to teenagers; and access for all people of reproductive age to fertility therapies, without discrimination.

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