UK: PoK activists hold protest outside Pakistan consulate in Bradford

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Exiled Kashmiris from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) gathered outside Pakistan’s consulate in Bradford city of United Kingdom to demonstrate against Pakistani security forces for violating human rights.

The demonstration was organized by the Jammu Kashmir National Independence Alliance (JKNIA) with an aim to raise voices against the crackdown by Pakistani security forces on protesters raising issues of high electricity bills and inflation.

Speaking at the event, Mahmood Kashmiri, the chairman of JKNIA, said, “At present, a movement is ongoing in PoK against repression by Islamabad and it is our duty to support them.”

“Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir produces around 4,000 MW of electricity and our consumption is almost 400 MW and Pakistan is not ready to provide us the required electricity. We our people raise their demand then are labelled as Indian agents,” the JKNIA chairman said.

Speaking about the ongoing economic crisis in Pakistan, he said that the politicians and top military officers are begging from other countries and the money is being used for their own comfort.

“We the people of Jammu and Kashmir are not part of Pakistan. The loans Pakistan has taken from other countries are not our responsibility to repay. If Pakistan has taken loans, it is Pakistan that needs to repay it,” he said.

The people in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir have been facing intense problems due to high inflation and exorbitant electricity bills.

Massive anti-Pakistan protests are happening in all cities across PoK to raise the demand for freedom.


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