AEK: R21 members who raised the "Kosovo is Albania" banner have been banned


The two people who held a banner reading "Kosovo is Albania" have already been located and identified through the security cameras in the OPAP Arena and were banned.

The banner raised before AEK's game with Ajax was a spectacle that left spectators and football enthusiasts worldwide in a state of surprise and confusion since Greece does not recognise Kosovo as an independent state from Serbia, and the Athens-based club proudly boasts how it played a friendly in Belgrade during NATO's bombing campaign in 1999.

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The banner provoked a strong reaction from the club, which clarified in a statement: "AEK expresses its disgust and unequivocally condemns the appearance, even for a few seconds, of a banner with extreme nationalist content on our stadium, and which has absolutely nothing to do with the historical origins of our club, nor of course with what it stands for since its foundation."

"AEK does not need to prove anything in words, as it has done it in action in ways that cannot be disputed and with initiatives that no other group has taken, against the war.

"Regarding the specific sad and infuriating incident, AEK states that it will not stay like this. We are already launching actions to assign the responsibilities for even a momentary - we repeat - image that rightly troubled the large mass of our sports fan world, which has also strongly disapproved.

"We will definitely find those responsible and they will be permanently banned from entering our stadium."

AEK and Ajax draw 1-1 on matchday 2 of the Europa League.

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