Greek Cypriot Man Allegedly Trained Agents in Invasive Predator Software: Global Investigation Reveals

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A recent global investigation has revealed that a Greek Cypriot man ran a training centre in Greece that taught agents how to use the invasive surveillance software, Predator.

The man was responsible for creating infected messages that allowed individuals to fall victim to the Predator software. This spyware has the ability to infiltrate devices, record phone calls, and collect information from messaging apps, eroding individuals' privacy in the digital sphere. The unnamed man also played a role in assisting former Israeli intelligence officer Tal Dillian in setting up a spy van in Cyprus, which was uncovered in 2019.

The investigation, conducted by the European Investigative Collaborations media network, shed light on the activities of the European spyware consortium, Intellexa, which supplied cyberweapons to governments worldwide. The findings implicated several countries, including Cyprus, in facilitating global surveillance efforts. The revelations highlight the inadequacy of EU regulations in addressing the issue of global surveillance.

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