Primary School in Farkadona Village Temporarily Closed Due to Snake Intrusion Linked to Flooding

school in Farkadona village

A primary school in the village of Farkadona had to be temporarily closed due to snakes inside the school building. The appearance of these snakes is believed to be a consequence of the flooding in Central Greece caused by two severe weather fronts in September.

The Primary School of Zarkos, located within the Municipality of Farkadona, will remain closed for two days because snakes, including vipers, were discovered inside the school building, as reported by

Students, teachers, and parents were alarmed when they spotted more than four snakes, including a viper, within the premises of the Primary School of Zarkos, which is situated in the Municipality of Farkadona. This village had been inundated during the storm Daniel.

Local education authorities were promptly notified and immediately closed the school for at least two days. A special team has been dispatched to remove the snakes. During this period, students will continue their education through distance learning on Wednesday and Thursday while the snakes are removed, as reported by local media

The presence of these snakes is attributed to the flooding phenomena. While Zarko was initially dry, the surrounding inundation compelled the snakes to seek refuge within the village, including the school, as reported by local media.

The Trikala Primary Education director has confirmed that there have been no incidents of snake bites.

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