Best of Arta: Food, history and culture

Bridge of Arta Arta Bridge

On the banks of the Arachthos River and before Tzoumerka, Arta is an ideal destination for those who want to explore the city and the surrounding areas. With an exciting history and little tourism, it is a good option for those who want a relaxing and comfortable weekend.

As recommended by Travel, start your day with a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Arta (Trigono area, Tel. 26810 21191, 08:30 – 15:30, Tuesdays closed, ticket 4 euros), where objects dating back to ancient times await discovery.

The museum houses a beautiful collection of sculptures, ceramics and jewellery, giving you a glimpse of the Necropolis of Ambrakia, the Corinthian colony buried beneath the modern city of Arta.

Arta Castle is also open to the public every day from 08:30 to 16:00. It is located on the north-eastern side of the city and not by chance, as this side was naturally fortified by the river Arachtos. And right here is the ideal walk, on the banks of the river.

The Castle of Arta

From the riverside park of Arta, the river bed will take you to the southwest side of the city where the famous old city bridge is located.

The stone masterpiece has stood the test of time since the 17th century. Its length reaches 142 metres, and its width is 3.75 metres. It consists of four large arches and three smaller ones.

It is famous mainly because of the legend and the folk song that accompanies it, according to which the engineers and workers found every morning the foundation of the bridge destroyed and the sacrifice of the master builder's wife was required to complete the bridge.

Bridge of Arta, Arta Bridge

Within the city, it is also worth stopping at the church of Panagia tis Parigoritissa. It was built at the end of the 13th century, and the curious thing is that the dome seems floating. Beams and columns actually support it, but this original dome support system has yet to be applied to other Byzantine monuments.

Church of the Parigoritissa arta

Outside the city, at a distance of 7.5 kilometres, there is the dam of Lake Pournariou. The artificial lake was created in 1981 by constructing the hydroelectric dam in the waters of Arachthos. Lovely landscapes and the route west of the lake that leads to Tzoumerka are also fascinating.

And for food?

At Vagelio

The pleasant environment on a pedestrian street, affordable prices and delicious dishes " At Vagelio ". Try the pork knuckle, lamb chops and cabbage pies.

Address: 17 Gribovou Street, Arta, Tel . 26810 26793,


Taverna Tloupas

In " Tloupa ", you will go for the fine spits. It has been operating since 1952, and every day, it prepares spits with local meats, from mutton and chicken short spit to beef frigadelli.

Address: 2 Davaki, Arta, Tel . 26813 01321,


If you want more variety in appetisers, look for " Azimuthio ". Try the local specialty "tsumplekia" (meatballs with onions baked in the oven), suzukakia, cabbage dumplings and the chicken with sun-dried tomato and peppers.

Address: Agias Theodoras 3, Arta, Tel . 26810 74646,


popolo pizza arta

"Popolo" serves fine Italian cuisine with authentic ingredients and culinary art. The sauce is made from San Marzano tomatoes. The fresh mozzarella is from Greek and Italian farms.

At the same time, other dishes on the menu include veal ossobouko, slow-cooked for 6 hours, with celeriac puree, caramelised onions and a rosemary-flavored sauce. From the rest, we singled out the prosciutto pizza and the penne with mushrooms and Parmesan cream.

Address: 20 Markou Botsari, Arta, Tel . 26810 22444,

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