South Melbourne has secured back-to-back titles in the National Blind Football Series after defeating Brisbane-based Olympic FC. 

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South Melbourne has secured back-to-back titles in the National Blind Football Series after defeating Brisbane-based Olympic FC. 

The second and final leg of the series was played at the Hangar in Tullamarine, the home of Essendon Football Club and Paralympics Australia, on Sunday, October 8.

South Melbourne was more aggressive from the outset, needing to overcome a 0-1 deficit from their encounter against Olympic FC earlier in the year. Captain Amir Brand-Abdi opened the scoring to provide the locals with a glimmer of hope.

In a tense and competitive exchange, the Victorian team remained positive in attack and resolute in defence as goalkeeper Simon Biffra was strong in front of the net, repeatedly fending off the visitors from Brisbane.

The crucial goal for the reigning Champions finally came at the hands of Brendan Spencer, his breakthrough strike saw South not only record the win but overcome the goal difference to retain the trophy in the National Blind Football Series.

Spencer, the leading goal-scorer in the competition's short history with three goals from three games, reflected on the result post-match.

“I’m really proud of what the team has achieved. It has been a challenging year and some players are missing due to injuries," he said.

"We had to win by two goals today and as a team, we were able to get that done. We now get to bring home the trophy yet again.”

South Melbourne All-Abilities Football Director Skip Fulton said the squad has been working hard throughout the year to prepare for the crunch encounter. 

"They train regularly in Albert Park on Sunday mornings combined with a strength and fitness program at ACE Performance in North Melbourne," Fulton explained. 

"To be the national champions is a reflection of the dedication and commitment these individuals put into their sport. They continually strive to get better and it's encouraging to see them rewarded with results like this.”

About Blind football

  • Blind Football (B1) is an internationally recognised sport played at the Paralympics.
  • It is played outdoors by blind and partially vision-impaired athletes on a 40m x 20m pitch with side kickboards and a ball that has bells in it.
  • There are two teams of five: four outfield players and a goalkeeper. The outfield players wear eye-shades to equal their sight and the goalkeeper can be fully or partially sighted.
  • Each team has one goal guide who stands behind the goal, to give instructions to score towards the goal verbally.

South Melbourne FC Blind Football

The blind football program at South Melbourne FC is now in its third year. The club hosts fortnightly training sessions for its players between April and October.

The club also partners with Football Victoria to run free come-and-try sessions each fortnight during the season for children and those who would like to try the sport for the first time or participate socially.

For more information, email South Melbourne Football Club at [email protected]

If anyone would like to get involved as a volunteer for the camps, please email Dave Connolly at  [email protected] 

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