'Will Do:' Elon Musk Teases Return To Joe Rogan's Podcast For 4th Time After Chatter On Civilizational Collapse

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Elon Musk may make a fourth appearance on Joe Rogan‘s Spotify podcast, sparking excitement among fans. The tease came after an interesting exchange on X, where a snippet from one of Rogan’s podcasts raised thought-provoking ideas.

What Happened: In the podcast clip, Rogan discusses a concept shared by Douglas Murray, a conservative British author and commentator. It revolves around the phenomenon of civilizations becoming increasingly fixated on gender as they near their end.

“He [Murray] said, one of the things that happens at the end of civilizations is they become obsessed with gender. It’s a thing that happens where men start becoming women, women start becoming men, and it becomes like a big focus, like cross-dressing and all this stuff becomes a big point of focus … He goes, It seems to be that they’re dissolving all boundaries and all norms and all societal structure. And that’s a part of it, is like gender roles,” Rogan says.

Musk chipped in, saying: “Yeah, happened a lot in mid to late stage Rome, notably after conquering Greece. No mention before, I believe.”

“Seems to be a function of extended victory – when a civilization has been winning for too long, it gets complacent and entitled,” he added.

The conversation took a turn when a user, Dezmond Oliver, urged Musk to return to Rogan’s podcast. Musk’s simple response was, “Will do.”

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