Giorgos Katsaros - Kostas Hatzis join their musical forces on "Odos Lysiou" in Plaka

Giorgos Katsaros - Kostas Hatzis

Two great artists, two composers who have given us dozens of favourite and timeless songs, Giorgos Katsaros and Kostas Hatzis are meeting from October 21 at the "Odos Lysiou" music stage, in Plaka, where they will be every Saturday night.

With a strong friendship, built on mutual respect for each other, they have wanted to work together for years. And now the fullness of time has come.

These days, the two are rehearsing and preparing, with particular enthusiasm, their program, which is full of songs - gems among include "Every port and woe", "Love knows no borders", "Let's go to sleep, Katerina", "Great people but", "I will wear white", "From the plane", "Avgerinos", "If you I refuse my love", "Ms. Georgina:. («Κάθε λιμάνι και καημός», «Σύνορα η αγάπη δεν γνωρίζει», «Πάμε για ύπνο Κατερίνα», «Σπουδαίοι άνθρωποι αλλά», «Άσπρα θα φορέσω», «Απ’ τ’ αεροπλάνο», «Αυγερινός», « Αν σ’ αρνηθώ αγάπη μου», «Κυρά Γιώργαινα»)

They will also present songs from the Greek and foreign repertoire, which are not theirs, but they love them very much.

They will be joined by the singers Christina Ralli and Daniela Hatzi.

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