The 15 Greek islands recommended for 2024 by The Times

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The closing curtain of this year's season for tourism on the Greek islands is approaching, with the president of POX, Grigoris Tassios, reminding AMNA once again that this is a very good year, which, although it is preparing to give the baton to the 2024 season, still shows many hotels - resorts open, since the "sun and sea" model has been favoured by the perfect weather conditions prevailing in Greece during this period. At the same time, the international press promotes Greece and its beauties.

Specifically, The Times newspaper published a list of the 15 best Greek islands recommended for 2024.

"Mykonos and Santorini may be the obvious stars of the show, but the scattered isles of Greece play host to plenty of other headline acts. From the Cyclades to the Dodecanese and across to the Ionian, each and every island group has standout attractions to put it on any must-visit list. The secret to their unfailing appeal is diversity; no matter what type of sunshine-filled holiday you seek, you’ll find it somewhere," the outlet reported.


Specifically, the top three of the list are occupied by Skiathos, with its beautiful beaches; Kos, with its white sands; and Ios, with its sophisticated options.

This is then followed by Evia for its hiking and history, Crete for its impressive range of travel experiences, Corfu for its lush landscapes, Rhodes as an ideal family destination, worldly Mykonos, Lefkada for an island trip without a ferry and Santorini for romantic getaways.

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Hydra completes the proposed list for car-free holidays, Skopelos for Mamma Mia fans and exotic beaches, Kefalonia with its "cinematic" charm, picturesque Symi and Zakynthos with its enchanting lacy coastline.

The picture for the season that is coming to an end was given to AMNA by representatives of destinations in the Times list: "Visit to Ios continued at a satisfactory pace in September, while interest is maintained for part of October as well. Coastal arrivals in May-August 2023 increased by 7.1% compared to last year. It is of special importance that the arrivals for May and June increased impressively by 18% compared to 2022 or 2019, which justifies our efforts to highlight special forms of tourism and lengthen the season," said the Mayor of Ieton Gikas Gikas.

"Despite the adversities of the season, Skopelos 'conquered' the hearts of Greek and foreign visitors! After a great targeting effort, Mamma Mia's island became a magnet for travellers from Great Britain, Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, France, Eastern Europe, America, Italy, Holland, Belgium, etc. The tourist season they appeared expanded starting in May and extending in October. Without a doubt, the range of activities, gastronomy, culture, exploring villages, monasteries and countless beaches and original themed services such as Mamma Mia tours give 'depth' to our tourism 'product,' making it attractive for months outside the high season," added the President of the Tourism Committee of the Municipality of Skopelos, Ioanna Efstathiou.

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Finally, Crete, but also the South Aegean region in general, moved at a record pace in terms of visitors and travel receipts, with the curtain for this year falling at the end of October. However, some Resorts will remain open until November 10.

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