Bakoyannis concedes defeat in Athens mayoral race

Kostas Bakoyannis: With your vote I want to continue being mayor of all Athenians

Incumbent Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis gracefully accepted his defeat in the Sunday runoff municipal election after a substantial majority of the counted votes revealed his opponent, Haris Doukas, backed by PASOK, had achieved a decisive victory.

With 97.27% of the results tabulated, Doukas had secured 55.96% of the votes, while Bakoyannis garnered 44.04%.

Bakoyannis expressed his acknowledgment of the outcome, stating, "A while ago, I contacted Mr. Doukas and warmly congratulated him on his significant victory. I take full responsibility for the results... I am grateful to the citizens of Athens for granting me the opportunity to serve them. I am departing from the town hall with my head held high," as he addressed the press.

He further added, "My team and I are at Mr. Doukas' complete disposal for an organized and diligent transition."

This outcome marks a significant political upset, given that Bakoyannis, endorsed by the ruling New Democracy party, had secured first place with 41.35% in the initial round held the previous Sunday, with Doukas trailing at 14.19%.

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