Municipal elections: Only 22 female mayors in Greece's 332 municipalities, no regional governors

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Only 22 women were elected mayors in Greece's 332 municipalities according to the final results of the municipal elections, while none were elected regional governors. In the 2019 elections, 17 women mayors were elected and in the 2014 contests, only 15.

In detail, the following municipalities will have women mayors:

In the Municipality of Amfikleia, Mrs. Athanasia Stivakti managed to be re-elected, gathering 55% from the first round.

Mrs. Evanthia Pliakou was also re-elected to the Municipality of Visaltia in the first round.

In Gavdos, Manolia Stefanaki was re-elected with 134 votes, corresponding to 59.03%.

Manolia Stefanaki - Mayor of Gavdos.

In the Municipality of Delta, Mrs. Gerakina Bisbina finally won the battle with a percentage of 50.19%.

Gerakina Bisbina - Mayor of Delta.

In Dionysos, Katerina Maichosoglou prevailed with 56.1% and overthrew the current mayor, Yiannis Kalafatelis.

Tina Kafatsaki was elected the new mayor of Zografou with 54.43% in the second round.

In the Municipality of Ilio, Andriana Alevizou Koukouvinou won the second round with 58.1% and will be the new mayor.

Andriana Alevizou - Mayor of Ilio.

In the Municipality of Kalamaria, Mrs. Chryssa Arapoglou, former PASOK MP, was elected as the new mayor.

Chrysa Arapoglou - Mayor of Kalamaria.

Anastasia Chalkia Dimitropoulou was re-elected in the Municipality of Kassandra.

Anastasia Chalkia Dimitropoulou - Municipality of Kassandra.

Irini Velissaropoulou was re-elected in Kea.

Irini Velissaropoulou - Mayor of Keas

In the Municipality of Lagada, Niki Andradou was appointed the new mayor.

The Municipality of Lagada, Niki Andradou.

Eleonora George was elected the new mayor of Lemnos, dethroning the current mayor, Dimitris Marinakis.

Eleonora George - Mayor of Limnos.

Christina-Maria Averof was elected the new Mayor of Metsovo.

Christina – Maria Averof - Mayor of Metsovo.

Natassa Kosmopoulou was elected in Penteli, who will succeed Mrs. Dimitra Kehagia.

Natasha Kosmopoulou - Mayor of Penteli.

In the Municipality of Oichalia, Panagiota Georgakopoulou was re-elected with 51.79%.

Dimitra Tseva Mila was elected the new mayor of Rafina.

In Serres, Varvara Mitliaga beat the current mayor, Alexandros Chrysafis.

Maria Nadali was re-elected in Sifnos.

The mayor of Skydra, Aikaterini Ignatiadou, also won her re-election.

Ekaterini Ignatiadou - Mayor of Skydra.

Eugenia Fragia was elected the new mayor of Spetses.

Eugenia Frangia - mayor of Spetses

Maria Kamma was re-elected in Tilos.

Maria Kamma - Mayor of Tilos

Eleni Vaka was re-elected in Chalkida.

Eleni Vaka - Mayor of Chalkida

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