Greek funerals- New company, Ocean Funerals, with 20 years of experience in providing traditional funerals with compassion and care

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Greek Funerals are about love, compassion and honour. They prepare one's soul for the journey into the next life. Although it can be a time of mourning for the family, the holy Greek funeral traditions can provide closure and hope for those in a time that need it the most.

It is vitally important that Greek funerals are organised well, to take pressure and stress off the family during a difficult time.

A brand-new Greek- Australian owned and operated boutique funeral home has recently been established, with the goal of providing excellent service and unparalleled support to those grieving the loss of a loved one.

Ocean Funerals, lead by CEO Raphael Demirgelis, is a Greek funeral home like no other, priding themselves on their core values of respect, dignity, honour and empathy during the ultimate preparation of life after death.


Raphael Demirgelis, Greek Funerals director, Ocean Funerals

Raphael has over 20 years of experience in providing a state-of-the-art service with the clear vision of “sacred and intimate tributes.” To the Ocean Funerals team, Greek funerals and funerals in general are about honour and should remain that way.

The team focuses on a providing a compassionate and intimate service for your loved one in the traditional Greek orthodox way, always ensuring that all your needs are met and making the process of farewelling a loved one as smooth and beautiful as possible.

Ocean Funerals is a boutique Greek funeral home that provides all types of services including burials and plot selection, above ground burials, private burials, cremations and more.

Ocean Funerals organises every aspect of the funeral process, sourcing everything that is needed in order to honour the departed’s life and to take some stress off the family and allow them to grieve.

They are one of the last remaining independent funeral homes that contains a mortuary and a chapel on site for viewing services. Everything that is needed is always provided with outstanding quality and attention to detail.


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The departing of one’s soul from this life to the next brings upon a very difficult time for any family. The funeral process, however, does not need to be difficult. Raphael and the team at Ocean Funerals have one goal in mind; to ensure that the process of farewelling a loved one is as smooth and beautiful as possible.

In Greek funerals, death should ultimately be seen as the celebration of the departed’s life and certainly not “the end.”

“Seeing death as the end of life is like seeing the horizon as the end of the ocean.”

With this core concept in mind, the Ocean Funerals team ensures that the departed are seen off into the afterlife in the proper manner, taking into account all of the family’s wishes and of course the holy traditions of Greek funerals.

Their goal is to ultimately provide the support needed to ensure that the lives of the departed are celebrated and that their memory be eternal.


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In-house Chapel at Ocean Funerals

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Ocean Funerals is a clear stand out from the rest of the funeral industry, with a vision of providing an expert and professional service at a very reasonable price and ultimately helping people through their struggles in a time of need.

Servicing the entire Sydney area, Ocean Funerals is “Traditional to bespoke and everything in between. Reflecting the sacred, spiritual rituals of the families and communities we serve.”

Ocean Funerals can be reached on their website or by phone (02) 9553 9007 for any funeral service needs.


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Koliva, Traditional Greek funeral memorial sweet


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