Greek living in Gaza: "Christians are sheltering in two monasteries; We don't know how many were killed at the hospital"


The nightmarish moments experienced by the residents of Gaza were described on Mega TV by a Greek who lives in the besieged region. He told the Greek outlet that he left his home and is now at one of the two monasteries near the Al-Ahli hospital, that was bombed last night.

"What is happening in Gaza is a massacre. About 4,000 people were in the hospital, and they fired a rocket, and we don't know exactly how many were killed. They were like an earthquake when they hit. I was in the monastery," he initially said.

"Approximately 900 Christians have come here [to the monastery]. And in the other [monastery] there are about 500 people. In total there are about 1500-2000 Christians. The monasteries are located around the hospital. It's close, it's about 100 metres, 200 metres," he added.

"There is blood everywhere, in the schools, on the streets"

In the meantime, Mega TV contacted a doctor who lives in Gaza and works in a hospital located next to Al-Ahli.

“Bloodstains everywhere. Everywhere, everywhere you go, in hospitals, in schools, on the street, everywhere you will see injured people, you will see many, many bad things," the doctor initially said.

"We are civilians and what is being done is ethnic cleansing. There are too many people outside the hospital, they have left their homes and are hiding in the hospital. The situation is very bad", he added and ended by saying that "I am talking to you and I am afraid."

Israel denies involvement in hospital blast

The Health Ministry in Gaza says an Israeli airstrike caused the blast, and that it killed some 500 people, many of whom had sought shelter from an ongoing Israeli offensive.

The Israeli military, however, said Palestinian militants had fired a barrage of rockets near the hospital at the time.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization, or WHO, called the strike on a hospital in Gaza “unprecedented in scale,” according to a Reuters report.

“This attack is unprecedented in scale,” said Richard Peeperkorn, WHO Representative for the West Bank and Gaza, according to Reuters.

He added that the WHO has observed “consistent attacks on healthcare in the occupied Palestinian territory.”

Peeperkorn said there have been more than 50 attacks against healthcare facilities in Gaza and at least 15 health workers killed.

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