Santorini: Top 5 reasons to visit in autumn

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In our minds, we have combined the Greek islands, such as Santorini, with summer: the intense sun and the dips in the blue waters. The reality, however, is that every season of the year, our islands are lovely. Fewer people are in the alleys and beaches, the prices are more favourable, and the people are more relaxed.

The tourist season now lasts until the middle or end of October, while in some islands, such as Santorini, it has been extended until the end of November. It is no coincidence that Bloomberg included the most famous Greek island in the Top 6 destinations for autumn.

If you have doubts, read below the five reasons that make Santorini ideal at this time of year.

Idyllic sunset in absolute silence

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A work of art reminds me of the time of sunset in Santorini. The colours will captivate your gaze from whichever side of the island you choose to see.

These days, when the tourist traffic is relatively reduced, the quietness combined with the incredible view offered by almost the entire island will delight you. We suggest you walk in Oia, and just before sunset, choose one of its white terraces and indulge in the magnificent view.

Luxury accommodation at a better price

This is one more reason to want to travel to Santorini in autumn. All those rooms with the white terraces and swimming pools that we admire in the summer but are never available are now available at much better prices.

In Santorini, there are plenty of accommodation options, from rooms for rent to luxurious suites with a unique view of the Caldera.

One of the best options is Andronis Arcadia in Oia. The five-star hotel offers unique services (be sure to try the water path in the spa – you will leave a different person) and a wonderful, unobstructed view of the Aegean from the very reception point.


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As the newest member of the Andronis family, which still has four luxury accommodations on the island, it is very close to cosmopolitan Oia. It offers a unique and peaceful accommodation experience.

If you wish, you can dive into its pool, reminiscent of the island's beaches with black pebbles, or enjoy the "Paradise on Earth" or the hotel's large swimming pool for endless moments of relaxation.

It should be noted that the hotel is included in the top 5 of the best accommodations on the island, while according to the most recent Conde Nast Traveler list, it belongs to the best hotels in Greece for 2022.

Walks in the beautiful villages and visits to the archaeological sites

In our minds, Santorini has been combined with the sunset, the white houses and the Volcano. And yet, it offers much more. Autumn is ideal to get to know Santorini in all its glory.

You can comfortably tour its villages, observe how the locals live (who will be more relaxed than in summer), walk more comfortably in its alleys and easily climb Skaros. This black rock, in the summer months, becomes inaccessible.

In addition, you can visit the island's museums. Still, its archaeological sites, such as Akrotiri and Ancient Thira, emerged as one of the most significant urban centres of the Aegean in the past centuries, and many liken it to the lost Atlantis.

Delicious local dishes

In addition to its natural beauty, Santorini is also famous for its delicious cuisine. Who doesn't know Santorini fava beans, capers, local vegetables (usually dehydrated) or the famous tomato meatballs and kopania?

All this and more you can enjoy in Santorini. However, in autumn, there will be no waiting in the restaurants, while you can book the table you want.


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Suggestion: Visit Pacman, the restaurant of the Andronis Arcadia hotel, which is known for its very kind and willing staff, but also its delicious dishes. The local Greek cuisine meets favourite international flavours and, combined with the first quality ingredients, creates dishes that take off the palate.

From talagani, lamb ribs, skewers and burgers to sushi, salads and seafood, it is certain that you will get your fill of deliciousness at Pacman. Accompany your food with delicious local wines, or enjoy the sunset with one of the restaurant's signature cocktails.

And if you're lucky, you might find yourself at one of the beautiful musical evenings organised by the venue's managers with internationally renowned DJs and acclaimed Greek artists.

Wine tours

And since we mentioned wine, let us remind you that Santorini is known worldwide for its wine production.

The main grape varieties grown in Santorini and which give all its wide variety of wines are Assyrtiko (which accounts for 80% of the island's production), Athiri and Aidani from the whites and Mantilaria, Mavrotragano and Voudomato from the red ones.

Of course, remember to try Santorini's signature wine, Vinsanto. Travel agencies organise tours of wineries.

You can arrange yours through your reservation at Andronis Arcadia and learn from the professionals why the vineyards in Santorini are not like those in the rest of Greece, taste the unique varieties of wine, learn which to accompany your favourite your food, but also be informed about all the innovations prepared by the producers, with the aim of the highest quality product and the protection of the environment.

From the best sunsets to museum tours and delightful vineyard walks, Santorini is well worth a visit during these months. Autumn on the island is mild, which means that October is an ideal month for a trip, and with October 28th approaching, take the opportunity.

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