Turkish media cultivates a pro-war climate against Israel and the USA

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Israel and the US are the targets of Turkish media, while at the same time, Israeli diplomats and citizens are leaving Turkey for security reasons, in view of the ground operation in Gaza.

Pro-government media raise the tone with shrill headlines and photos of casualties in Gaza, accusing Washington of... staining its hands with the blood of innocents by supporting Israel's actions.

The inflammatory reports are further fueling popular anger, with protests taking place across the country, as the Erdogan government declared three days of national mourning for the victims of the Gaza hospital bombing.

However, although Ankara tries to appear as a defender of the Palestinians, its official statements about the dramatic events are relatively cautious.

This is part of an an effort to apparently not permanently cut the bridges with Israel and the US constructed after the efforts of rapprochement that took place recently by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

However, the chairman of the New Prosperity party, Fatih Erbakan, and an ally of Erdogan, asked the government to close the American bases in Incirlik and Kurecik, as well as to stop the sale of oil by Islamic countries to the US and to Western countries that support Israel.

"The entire Islamic world, under the leadership of Turkey, is obliged to act immediately, this is a humanitarian and religious need," he said.

With the developments being stormy, Israel decided to withdraw all its diplomats from Turkey, and those of its citizens who were in the country, judging that with the start of the operation in Gaza there will be a risk to their safety.

Turkish networks, broadcasting images from airports with Israelis leaving the country, described the decision of the Netanyahu government as a "surprise", stressing that it was taken "due to doubts about their security" on Turkish soil.


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