Fame Story: The video clip of Vasilis Karras' new song

Vasilis Karras fame story

In the episode of "Fame Story", which aired on Friday, October 20, the new song by Vasilis Karras was heard for the first time. Also, the song's video clip, "Hyma sto kryma", was shown in the first broadcast.

Nikos Koklonis, in his introduction to the song, stated: "So last week the lord Vasilis Karras gave us the pleasure and honour to speak with him live, to tell him our wishes and to announce his new album, "I am here" is the title and it's out today on Spotify".

The publications about the health of Karras follow one another, with many inaccuracies written about the state of his health, having disturbed his environment.

On the evening of Friday, October 13, after a long period of abstinence from the public, the famous artist "came out" on television, specifically on the "Fame Story" show.

After Nikos Koklonis introduced him, Karras said via telephone: "Good evening. Good evening, everyone... Thank you very much, Nikos, for your hospitality, but I want to thank all the Greek people and all my connections for their interest and love.

"What love is this? What a beauty; I am by your side, as are you... Thank you very much. May God give us strength, be strong and see each other."

Watch the video:

Karras said the phrase that followed him throughout his career at the presenter's request. This is none other than "Good evening and good evening".

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