ISRAEL WAR: Large mobilisation of American aircraft in Souda Bay, Crete (PHOTOS)


The United States of America is sending a strong message to Tehran not to get involved in the Israel-Hamas conflict and is strengthening its military forces in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The US are preparing for all eventualities after Iran's threats to get involved in the war raging between Israel and Hamas. The strong US presence in the region, with two aircraft carrier-based fleets, is aimed at deterring hostile actions and counter-distraction from Iran and the Lebanon-based Hezbollah.

The crisis in the Middle East highlighted once again the geostrategic value of Greece and its role as a pillar of security and stability with major powers, such as the USA, requesting infrastructure and facilities in Greece to reposition their aircraft in a safe distance from the warzone.

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As mentioned in previous reports, Washington has requested facilities from Greece for the parking of large American aircraft, as well as for the hosting of Special Operations Forces.

CNN Greece secured photos from the Souda airbase, which has many American aircrafts. Dozens of military aircraft, transports and flying tankers have relocated to 115 AM, with the Americans asking Greek military chiefs for a second air base to park their aircraft.

In the exclusive images published by CNN Greece, at least seven flying tankers, 10 C-130 special operations, 1 KC-135 electronic warfare and one state-of-the-art naval operations aircraft, Boeing P-8 Poseidon, AC-130ö, have been stationed.

At the same time, according to sources, a large numbers of US Marines have landed.

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At 112AM in Eleusis, the second base requested and approved the relocation of large American aircraft; as there is available space and suitable hangars for the large, heavy aircraft, the first aircraft landings have already started over the weekend.

Aviation sources tell CNN Greece that it is not excluded that other Greek air bases, such as the one in Karpathos, will be used if the Americans approve the infrastructures that exist on the island.

Another reason why permission was requested for the use of 112 AM is for the possible evacuation of citizens from the war zone and neighbouring countries, such as Lebanon.

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The deployment of a second US aircraft carrier in the Eastern Mediterranean is a sign of the US's "ironclad" commitment to Israel's security, as US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said recently.

This was in reference to the USS Eisenhower and its escort ships, which, according to - so far planning - in the next few days will enter the Eastern Mediterranean.

The beastly US aircraft carrier will join the first aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, which was deployed to the region after Hamas' deadly attack on Israel on October 7 and continues in the Eastern Mediterranean theatre of operations.

The US last mobilised two aircraft carriers in the Middle East in 2020, after the rocket attack on Camp Taji in Iraq, which killed two American soldiers.

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US assistance to the Israeli Armed Forces is valuable, providing advice and support to Israeli military planning. At the same time, the US is sending more anti-missile systems to the region, including the powerful Patriot anti-aircraft systems, in response to recent attacks on US troops in the region.

The American Secretary of Defense also announced that he has placed an additional military force on alert, ready to be deployed in the region if necessary.

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