Mitsubishi is coming back strongly to Greece!


The Sarakaki Group will bring three Mitsubishi models in the coming months at prices that will certainly not go unnoticed...

On July 27, 2020, Mitsubishi Motors announced that it was stopping the availability of its models on the European market. This news caused a sensation in Greece as it has a special relationship with the Japanese company.

Our country's relationship is even more robust, even with the official importer, the Sarakaki Group. This particular group has been representing the factory since 1963, and as anyone can understand, it is a complex business relationship.

In recent years, when the import of new cars stopped, the brand had no activity except for a few vehicles left for sale, which also disappeared in no time.


Space Star, Colt and ASX are coming.

The decision to stop the Japanese brand from Europe was taken jointly by the companies Renault - Nissan - Mitsubishi, where they wanted the latter to leave the European market and focus only on Asia.

In the end, the "marriage" of the three companies did not "work"; things became apparent, and Mitsubishi was preparing to return to the Greek market. As early as the beginning of 2024, we expect Mitsubishi cars to arrive and start selling them again.

According to News Auto, the Sarakaki Group will bring the Space Star, Colt and ASX, wanting to cover the basic categories that have the greatest demand.

The price policy that will exist remains a question, as the return may be made in a solemn way, which will also concern the prices. What remains is to find out the new price list and the number of cars available from the importing company...


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