Maria Menounos: The beautiful moment she tells her husband that they will have a child

Maria Menounos, Keven Undergaro

Maria Menounos does not stop referring to her daughter, Athena, often talking about the birth of her daughter.

The Greek-American presenter made yet another post about her child with Keven Undergaro, but this time, she did not publish a family photo of them with their daughter, Athena.

Through Instagram, Maria Menounos shared a clip from the moment she announced to her husband a year ago that the surrogate mother managed to get pregnant with their daughter.

Watch the video:

"One year ago today, I burst into the gym to tell Keven something I’ve waited almost a decade to say. “We’re pregnant!” (His reaction reminds me of how shocked I was when he proposed on Howard stern . If you watch it you will see. ) So many attempts myself, hoping to get pregnant without success, and then the long surrogate process made this almost unbelievable! At that time we had implanted two embryos hoping for twins. One and done 😝 but god had other plans. We are so grateful to our surrogate and her family for this incredible gift. Athena is our greatest blessing."

Her journey

Maria Menounos has been incredibly open about her difficult journey to motherhood with her daughter Athena, now four months old.

The 45-year-old media personality dealt with infertility and earlier this year, revealed her bout with pancreatic cancer. She finally announced in February on (what was then) Live with Kelly and Ryan that she and her husband Keven were expecting their first child via surrogate.

After posting the video, they were inundated with comments that radiated positivity, including: "So special!!! What a moment," and: "So beautiful and special. Athena will appreciate this video when she's older. Much love to you all," as well as: "The amazement and happiness on his face."

Maria Menounos

The TV presenter spoke with Us Weekly when their daughter was born back in July, and said of the moment they saw their daughter for the first time: "It was the most special moment of my life.

"The doctor literally grabbed her and hiked her onto me. I sat with her on my chest, and Keven and I kept looking at each other like, 'Oh, my god.' It was just pure joy."

Keven Undergaro, Maria Menounos

Maria also revealed why they named their daughter "Athena," saying: "We knew we wanted a Greek name. We had a list, and everyone says when you see the baby, you'll know, but that was totally untrue for us.

"We were like, 'What do we do?' Athena is the goddess of war and wisdom, and Keven loved the power of that name, so that was it!

"For so long, I've felt something's been missing. I'd go to kids' birthday parties, and I'd be a little sad because I wanted my own family. And now I feel so grounded, like I finally know where I belong."

Maria Menounos

In September, when they celebrated Athena being three months old, Maria gushed on Instagram: "3 months old today! Kev and I really want to keep her little face off social BUT no one ever saw her smile because she was too little when we shot the magazine cover.

"Anyway, while she's still little I figure I get this one post out as she LIGHTS up our day everyday and I hope she can light yours up to! We love her soooooo much we may explode!!!"

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