The Grecanico Villages of Italy – Delianuova

Grecanico Delia Domune di Delianuova

Delianuova [Greko: Δέλια] is a Grecanico town of 3,200 inhabitants, in the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria.

Unfortunately, its inhabitants no longer speak the Greko dialect of Katoitaliótika.

Delianuova was founded on January 27, 1878, by King Umberto I to amalgamate the two neighboring municipalities of Paracorio and Pedavoli.

According to tradition, Paracorio descended from the ancient Delia, a Greek city on the southern Ionian coast, destroyed by the Saracens in the ninth century.

Paracorio was known as Perachorio [Grk: Περαχώριον], which in Greek means "the land beyond the mountains."

In comparison, Pedavoli was known in antiquity as Dapidalbon [Δαρίδαλβον].

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