Historic Villa in Mykonos, Formerly Owned by Charles Worthington, Now Listed at Record Price

Villa in Mykonos

Renowned hairstylist Charles Worthington is putting up for sale the former villa of Petros Kostopoulos, setting a new record in terms of price.

The property's story began in 1993 when Petros Kostopoulos began constructing this opulent holiday residence.

By 2013, amid property liquidation procedures, the mansion was seized and subsequently acquired by Charles Worthington, the famous British hairdresser, and his partner, Allan Peters. At that time, the property was valued at €5.5 million.

Today, Charles Worthington is seeking to sell the villa for a staggering €50 million, as reported by Beauchamp Estates, a real estate agency.

This exceptional villa is situated in the Xoulakia area of Mykonos, just a 10-minute drive from the island's main town and is perched atop a rocky hill.

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