Taste Atlas: The two Greek sweets in the world's top 50 - Which one is on the worst list?

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Greek confectionery was present in the Taste Atlas list of the best-rated sweets worldwide. However, the position two Greek sweets have taken in the ranking is unfair to them... to the maximum.

It is recalled that the specific lists are based on the evaluations of the public, with a series of mechanisms that recognise real users and ignore the assessment of bots, nationalists or patriots and give additional value to the evaluations of recognised users.

The Taste Atlas list of sweets is perhaps one of the most... multinational, with France and Turkey having the most "representations".

Regarding Greek sweets, #37 is galaktoboureko.

3 2

"This traditional Greek dessert consists of numerous phyllo sheets sprinkled with melted butter and coupled with a light semolina custard.

"When baked and well-chilled, the pastry is traditionally doused in the orange spiced, sugary syrup, allowing the layers to absorb the flavors and transform galaktoboureko into a soft, velvety treat.

"This Greek classic is commonly found in pastry shops and traditional taverns across the country."

A little higher in position 34 is melomakarona.

5 3

"Though they are thought to have originated in ancient Phoenicia, melomakaronas are nowadays a typical Greek Christmas treat. These delicious semolina cookies are traditionally flavored with honey, orange zest, cinnamon, olive oil, and sometimes cognac.

"Immediately after baking, melomakarona cookies are doused in honey syrup, then sprinkled with ground walnuts.

"Although some argue that another Greek treat that goes under the name finikia refers to a slightly different dessert, occasionally fried and served without walnuts, today both names are used interchangeably. "

At the top of the relevant list are French crepes, while behind them in 2nd place is the Brazilian bobocado, in 3rd place is the Peruvian queso elado, in 4th place is tiramisu and in 5th place is crème brûlée.

On the other hand, as far as the worst-rated sweets in the world are concerned, there is also a Greek esporosopization in a low position. Specifically, at 69 is "Koufeto", written by Taste Atlas, which comes from Milos.

9 1

"Koufeto is a traditional Greek sweet preserve or spoon sweet (glyko tou koutaliou) from the island of Milos. It is made by simmering pieces of local sweet white pumpkin in a mixture of water, sugar, and local honey, which is then combined with blanched almonds and lemon juice.

"The preserve is typically kept in glass jars, and it is sometimes flavored with cinnamon sticks. On Milos, this sweet specialty is usually associated with weddings and engagements, which is how the preserve earned its name the marriage sweet.

"Koufeto is usually enjoyed on its own, accompanied by a glass of cold water on the side to balance the sweetness. It is also often served with ice cream or yogurt."

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