Meggi Ndrio says "Despina Vandi is a mother, she has to watch her appearance"

Meggi Ndrio, Despina Vandi

Meggi Ndrio revealed her opinions on Despina Vandi and Iliana Papageorgiou, among others.

The model and former contestant of GNTM spoke to "Super Katerina" and initially was asked about the clothing choices of Despina Vandi on stage.

"She is also a mother. Live your personal life, no one has the right to tell you anything, but out of respect for the child, the family you have, maybe you should pay a little more attention to your style and appearances," she said.

Known for her striking looks, Vandi over the weekend once again opted for separate ensembles for her return to the dance floor, and divided opinion.

This time, Despina Vandi appeared at her colleague’s side, wearing a black see-through jumpsuit that left her back exposed.

Several videos of her performing her hits on stage have surfaced on social media. As expected, the audience adored her in the comments both for her stage presence and for her appearance, but others also mocked her.

Watch videos:


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Then, Meggi Ndrio referred to Iliana Papageorgiou and once again, he did not hesitate to express his displeasure towards her.

"I dont like it at all. I wonder why they take her on the shows. So that the projects and channels that pay her a fortune go bankrupt since she doesn't get the numbers? She doesn't have anything to teach us about fashion, she's not a model," Ndrio said.

Finally, the former GNTM contestant added: "She is a television personality, who has been trying for so many years to become central and it hasn't worked out for her. She has nothing to contribute to fashion anymore, she has given up."

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