Recovered Treasures: Stolen Icons and Artifacts Found in Attica Monastery

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The Greek Police have uncovered stolen icons and intricately carved doorposts of significant archaeological value within a monastery located in Attica. These icons had been pilfered from various monasteries and churches situated outside the Attica region.

In collaboration with a team of archaeologists and Byzantine studies experts, officers from the Department of Cultural Heritage and Antiquities at the Attica Security Directorate executed a raid on the monastery during the early hours of Wednesday.

The primary objective of this operation was to recover church icons that had been stolen from another monastery within the province back in 2012. The search within the monastery's premises led to the discovery of the three sought-after icons within the manor. Furthermore, four additional icons and wood-carved doorposts, recognized as having been stolen from monasteries and churches many years ago, were also located. The estimated value of each icon is reportedly around 40,000 euros. The confiscated icons and other ecclesiastical artifacts were subsequently transported to the headquarters of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Eastern Attica. Archaeologists assessed that these items fall under the protective provisions outlined in the legislation for safeguarding antiquities and cultural heritage at large.

The investigation into the origins of these icons and objects within the monastery's possession is ongoing, overseen by the Sub-Directorate for Environmental Protection, Property Rights, and Cultural Heritage. As part of this process, the abbot has provided testimony to the police, but inquiries continue.

[Images via Greek Police]

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