Costa Ricans, Panamanians and Hondurans Leave Israel for Greece on a Humanitarian Flight

Costa ricans Israel

This Friday's flight joins the first humanitarian flight that left Israel on Thursday with 37 Central Americans on board.

Citizens of Panama, Honduras and Costa Rica left Israel this Friday on a humanitarian flight bound for Greece, the Panamanian Government reported. These are 15 Panamanians, 9 Costa Ricans and 7 Hondurans, said the Foreign Ministry of Panama, which specified that this humanitarian flight, “in a gesture of cooperation with Central American citizens in need” of the transfer, departed from Tel Aviv International Airport to destination final Greece.

 The Foreign Office added that “48 Panamanians have decided to remain in the State of Israel,” where 135 citizens of this country had registered as residents, according to official data.

 This Friday’s flight is in addition to a first humanitarian flight that left Israel on Thursday with 37 Central Americans on board, said the Foreign Ministry, which specified that more than 20 Panamanian citizens have left that country “by their own means.”


 For its part, the Costa Rican Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported on Thursday that it was providing consular attention to Costa Ricans who were visiting Israel when the Hamas attacks occurred last Saturday and that 104 of them had resumed their itineraries to Costa Rica. When travelling to various European cities, by air, or through Jordan, by land.

 He also indicated that on the same Thursday and thanks to the collaboration of the Spanish Foreign Ministry, 3 Costa Rican tourists, including an elderly adult, travelled to Madrid, from where they resumed their flight back to Costa Rica.


 The number of Israeli fatalities due to the surprise attack that the Islamist organization Hamas launched last Saturday has risen to 1,400, according to what Hebrew media said this Friday citing health sources, while the number of deaths in Gaza caused by the Israeli bombings is currently at the 1,800.

 Both Israel and Hamas are committing war crimes, the former by blocking the entry of all types of supplies into Gaza, including water and food, and the latter by the summary execution and abduction of civilians, the UN said Friday.

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