EU-China Agreement Safeguards Greek Delicacies, Boosting Exports and the Economy"


The European Parliament granted its approval to an EU-China agreement for the mutual protection of traditional food and beverage products earlier this year.

This marks the second trade and economic agreement signed with China in the last three years, encompassing an additional 100 EU products that have received protected status, including esteemed items such as feta cheese, Samos wines, and Kalamata olives.

Located approximately 150 kilometres north of Athens, Asimina Aggeli, a second-generation olive grower, operates an olive export company. Her business is responsible for shipping 80 per cent of its olive harvest abroad, and with Kalamata olives now listed among the protected products, she anticipates an increase in export volume.

Last year, Greece exported over 220,000 tons of table olives, generating nearly $700 million in revenue, predominantly through the port of Piraeus. While the primary destinations are the United States and Canada, the protection of these products, combined with ongoing port development, is opening up new routes for export.

Vassiliki Loizou, the Secretary-General for Private Investment at the Greek Ministry of Development, commented on this development, stating, "The expansion of the port and the recognition of our products as Geographical Indications (GIs) will contribute to the further growth of our economy. Additionally, it positions us as a hub for facilitating the transfer of various products from both the EU and China. This port will be the initial entry and final exit point for goods, in collaboration with our Chinese partners."

Greece produces a diverse range of olive varieties, each known for its distinct flavour profile. As a relatively small nation in the global market, Greece faces stiff competition. However, with the protection agreement now in place, consumers can be confident that when they savour Kalamata olives, whether in a salad, as a paste, or in their pure form, they are experiencing an authentic and quality product.

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