Virtual tour of Ancient Olympia

virtual tour ancient olympia

A digital platform that offers users a unique experience of Greek history through a virtual tour of Ancient Olympia has just been launched and is available online for everyone around the world.

The new platform, funded and created by the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency and a team of archaeologists, offers users a personalized tour of Olympia’s archaeological sites and allows these virtual visitors to take control of their journey throughout Ancient Olympia.

virtual tour ancient olympia

The platform aims to educate the public about the significance of the Olympian sites, monuments and sculptures located at the site where the Olympic Games were born and to promote the cultural resources of the wider area of Katakolo – Ancient Olympia, which has become a large tourist attraction over the last decade.

virtual tour Ancient Olympia

The online destination management platform provides potential visitors with relevant information about the most important points of tourist interest and also encourages them to participate in various activities around the site actively.

The digital content that will be offered will have a historical sequence and thematic correlation, thus depicting the historical development of the ancient city and allowing visitors to explore the modern and BC Olympia on their own” AMNA stated.

On the digital platform, the visitor is able to, among other things:

  • Tour Ancient Olympia’s archaeological sites and choose different destination routes
  • Stop at various points of interest and see monuments around the area
  • Access photos, texts, videos, audio documents, maps, and many more resources
  • Browse events that happened in Ancient Olympia as well as modern-day events that  honour the athletic games of the city
  • Explore the cultural wealth of the area through advanced multimedia presentation applications
  • Contribute to the platform by adding personal content, communicating with other visitors and networking with people worldwide.

Interactive maps will also be provided to all visitors, with suggested routes and detailed presentations of each stop point featuring important attractions.

General information, such as the duration of each route, distance and list of monuments, will also be provided to make the experience as realistic as possible.

At the same time, an electronic calendar service will show all the important event dates relating to Ancient Olympia, such as sports competitions, and will enable users to travel back in time virtually.

This is an extraordinary chance for all people who have a love for Greek culture and history or are eager to learn more about it and stay inside their homes all day long because of the coronavirus pandemic. People who did not get to travel over the summer will now feel like tourists in this magnificent ancient city,” AMNA reported.

virtual tour Ancient Olympia

Throughout the virtual journey, three pole sites have been highlighted as the biggest tourist attractions of the area and offer users special activities and features.

Ancient Ilida, Ancient Olympia, and the Temple of Apollo the Great are poles of international scope, with enormous archaeological and wider scientific significance”, AMNA claimed.

Archaeologists who worked on the platform also explained that “based on the number of visitors, these three sites are the main (almost exclusive) pillar of the cultural/archaeological product of the region of Western Greece. Among them, the most popular is the site of Ancient Olympia, the site of the Olympic Games, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1989. The annual number of visitors to the site (before the pandemic) exceeds 450,000 per year, making it the 5th most visited archaeological site in Greece.”

virtual tour Ancient Olympia

In total, the archeological site of Ancient Olympia, in 2014, attracted 98% of the total visitors to archaeological sites in the region. Also, the area in Ilia and Olympia is characterized by a developmental dualism” AMNA described.

On the one hand, it has an unprecedented gateway for fun touristic spots (such as the Katakolo port) and an emblematic cultural site of universal value (Ancient Olympia), the sustainability of which requires the implementation of a comprehensive and constant economic and environmental reconstruction.

"On the other hand, there is an urban, semi-urban and a mountainous hinterland, with significant growth potential, complementary to coastal development, but also to some extent autonomous, which is reaped only a little by the tourist flows” AMNA stressed about the individuality of the areas surrounding Olympia and how they have turned into tourist-favourite destinations.

The municipality of Ilia is also working on various other projects in the city, to enhance the experience of tourists, but also enable local people to “utilize and promote the surplus of cultural, natural and tourist resources of the area, so that the rich history of Olympia and its unique landscape and nature, are not only complementary to the dominant tourism product, but also a lever for the development of the wider region.”

virtual tour Ancient Olympia

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