CRETE: Erdogan-loving Egyptian Imam claims he was "not calling for jihad" but humanitarian aid for Gaza

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"I did not call for acts of violence, but for humanitarian aid to Gaza," claimed the 39-year-old Egyptian imam who called for acts of violence against Israel despite his denial.

The Egyptian Imam claimed to Alpha TV that he was not referring to jihad with weapons but to humanitarian aid in Gaza, pointing out that what he said had been misinterpreted.

Earlier, a case was filed against the 39-year-old imam, who incited acts of violence through social networks, referring to the war between Israel and Hamas.

In particular, according to an official announcement," the Anti-Terrorist Service filed a case against a 39-year-old citizen of a third country because in his posts on social media in October 2023m referring to the war taking place in the Gaza Strip, he incited acts of violence."

Who is the 39-year-old imam?

The 39-year-old El-Sayed Montaser is an Egyptian immigrant who has lived in Chania for many years and who incited acts of violence with his posts on social media networks because of the war in the Gaza Strip.

In his posts, he praised the massacres of Hamas and called Muslims to Jihad, that is, to a "holy struggle".

Watch the video in question:

It is recalled that the case file for the 39-year-old was submitted to the Prosecutor's Office of Chania, which ordered a preliminary examination for violation of article 187A par. 6 in conjunction with article 98 of the Criminal Code.

According to information, the 39-year-old has been living for ten years in Greece, in Chania, and is engaged in agricultural work. At the same time, he is also an imam, who, as posts on social networks show, gave sermons in an illegal mosque.

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Mega reported that he had recently stopped giving sermons because he had become aware that he was being targeted by the authorities, who, according to Mega, believe he is not extreme and radical.

In many of his posts following the October 7 attacks by Hamas, he called on other Muslims to take revenge for what is happening in the Gaza Strip. He also attacks the leaders of the West, but also the leaders of Arab states.

In addition, he praised the Muslim Brotherhood, the Al Qassam Brigades and the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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What did the 39-year-old Egyptian support in his sermon

"Our brothers in proud Gaza and beloved Palestine. Don't be offended or sad. God help you. All this is not true and useless with the enemy, the fearful Jews; God cursed them wherever they were. It is jihad and fighting. You will not recover the land of the Muslims or the holy places of the Muslims except at the point of spears. Worrying, condemning, condemning and condemning are useless. It does not work with this fierce enemy, the dreaded trespassers. You don't see what the world's number one sponsor of terrorism, America and the unfaithful Western countries, is doing.

"Help your brothers and order battles and jihad in support of the religion of God and your vulnerable and oppressed brothers in Palestine, Syria and everywhere.

"Don't you see these carnage? The massacres were carried out by the dreaded occupation army. The Zionist army and what it is doing for the oppressed and oppressed vulnerable people in view of the Western world. The silence. Know that the Jews and Christians will not be satisfied with you until you follow their religion. Enough is enough. May God reward you well. Condemn and denounce. Do something realistic. Something tangible.

"The Palestinian territories and the occupied can be restored only with the tip of the spear—Jihad and fighting for the sake of Allah. Let them express their rage and the carnage they witness. I swear to god, it's creepy, and the scenes are creepy—especially the baby scenes.

"This brutal occupation does not recognise humanitarian, international or legal laws or anything else. The punishment is the same as the act. Murder is murder. Murder. Murder. This is what works for them with this brutal Zionist occupation and resistance to the occupation in kind and not with the slogans of peace.

"What peace? What peace after this happens in the Arab and Islamic world? Who killed and exterminated? What peace? Fight them. God will torment them with your hands, help you and heal the hearts of faithful people. God promised you victory. May God support Islam and deify the Muslims, humiliate shirk and polytheists and make the word truth and faithful because of you.

"May God not attack parties, the house of the book and the course of the clouds, may he not defeat them, win them and shake the earth under their feet. Amen Amen. Peace be upon you, and God's mercy and blessings upon you."

The police announcement:

"The Anti-Terrorist Service (D.A.E.V.E.B.) filed a case file against a 39-year-old third-country national because in his posts on social media in October 2023, referring to the war taking place in the Gaza Strip, he urged acts of violence.

"The case file was submitted to the First Instance Prosecutor's Office of Chania, which ordered a preliminary examination for violation of Article 187 A par. 6 in conjunction with Article 98 of the Criminal Code."

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